Areas Of Work

1. Drug Policy Reform

Zimbabwe currently does not have a drug policy. Drug abuse is currently dealt with under the criminal law codification act and the dangerous drug act. These tools criminalise drug abusers resulting in lengthy imprisonment with no option for rehabilitation. Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network recognise the need to have national policies on drugs that recognises basic human rights, and is grounded in scientific based evidence.

2. Harm Reduction

The harm reduction programme aim to educate and sensitize people especially youth on the dangers of using illicit drugs and on improper use of prescribed drugs. The activities are mainly community outreach, and information dissemination through various forms of media. Apart from wide spectrum approach to ensure reduction of drug use related harm, targeted populations include youth living on the streets, people living with HIV/AIDS, commercial sex workers, as well as addressing use of drugs at the workplace.

The second pillar of harm reduction is rehabilitation.

3. Promoting Public Health and Institutional Discourse

Through networking with relevant stakeholders, Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network aim to enable both people and institutions to locate themselves within the fight against drug abuse and mitigating its effects in various forms. The organisation aims to facilitate information exchange, learning and inspire advocacy.

4. Research and Knowledge Management

Researching, documenting and publishing drug related issues is fundamental to building knowledge and evidence to inform policy and formulate strategic and sustainable development.

Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network is a registered member of the following organisations

  • International Drug Policy Consortium
  • Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs
  • New York Committee on Drugs.

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