This is a one day workshop to sensitize religious leaders on drug laws in Zimbabwe, human rights and harm reduction strategies for people who use drugs. The organization will offer presentations on drug policy, human rights and harm reduction.

Participants’ will present their views or position on how the current drug laws in Zimbabwe maybe aligned to the promotion of human rights and harm reduction for people who use drugs in or country. While the goal of religious and spiritual inventions directed towards drug use might strongly revolve around elimination of use, not all users are willing to stop, or may never be, and the consequences are now manifest in our communities. What position do the different religious leaders have in regard to the current policies dealing with drug use? All the answers will be unfolded at this workshop.

In the following weeks we also have campaigns which include:

  • Community outreach visits
  • Prison visits (to Chikurubi farm prison, Chikurubi female prison, Hwahwa junenile prison, Kadoma farm prison, Harare remand prison)
  • Parliamentarians training (so that parliamentarians are educated on harm reduction and other techniques which help in not discriminating drug users but helping them).
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