Ethical and beneficial access and usage of all forms of drugs.


To advocate for strategies towards safe and ethical access and usage of drugs while addressing problems associated with drug use in Zimbabwe.


Our Core Objectives

The ZCLDN will work to synthesise the most effective strategies for dealing with the problems associated with illicit drugs. It hopes, thereby, to create a set of policies that can be utilized within Zimbabwe. The goal is to minimize the harms associated with drugs, their misuse and their governing policies. In order to do this the day-to-day operations/activities of the ZCLDN will include:

To research, document store and disseminate in all media forms information on drugs and related issues in Zimbabwe.

  • To engage and contribute in the identification of issues in Zimbabwe especially those on dangerous drugs and unlawful drugs.
  • To engage and contribute in programmes to inform and educate persons on drug issues in Zimbabwe.
  • To identify and properly assist persons with drug-related challenges.
  • To address issues of governance that negatively impacts the adoption and implementation of appropriate science-based drug policies.
  • To train and advise on best systems that seeks to improve the management of issues relating to drugs.
  • To engage other persons and organizations in joint network consultations and action in matters of common interest.
  • To equip relevant persons and support groups and organisations with skills necessary to achieve the objectives of the organisation.
  • To participate in regional and sub-regional initiatives for the furtherance of the appropriate responses to drug issues and adoption of good democratic governance systems and structures.
  • To ensure that humanitarian and human rights laws that protect the rights of those adversely affected by drugs are enforced.
  • To lobby for inclusion of appropriate drug policies in the decision making structures’ in public affairs.


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